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Urgggghhh!!! feeling dissappoint for this blogger platform..for several times..i failed try to post my own blog using my mobile, coz i want to blogging everyday without go to rental internet or turn on my PC.

Feeling Curiously for the first time , when i click set up for mobile setting icon , then i have to send code id to go@blogger via MMS..For 5 times the result is Zero..why???..coz my operator isn't in their lists..and of course..my "Country" too..

!! ...

And Why??? i don't want to under estimate..but that's the fact..i hope my country will joined soon.. i want to post my blog as simple as i posting my face book when i using my mobile.
Hope someday i can post about my thought without feeling mad, i wish my phone can be useful like pc or laptop. Oh i forgot laptop is soo expensive for me..its about 20 million rupiah. 

Using pc with internet too soo expensive. Using telkom internet at this year is soo lavish, i don't know how to say..too wastefull..poor my parents lol :p

Now, all i want to post something...can you help me now?

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