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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2009


Just finished open my Facebook and chat..then i realize..i've almost broken my friendship with … Baca selengkapnya sharing


Market..oh market..don't think that its clean and tidy ..espc for this place at Kampung Lalang,… Baca selengkapnya Market

Blogger Mobile

Blogger on android Urgggghhh!!! feeling dissappoint for this blogger provider..for several tim… Baca selengkapnya Blogger Mobile

Clay books

If you want to make some clays..and don't know how to make..or don't know what to shape… Baca selengkapnya Clay books

My Home View

Just to share with my blog.. i post these photos which i took from my home at medan krio..exactly … Baca selengkapnya My Home View

About Clay

Just uploaded again the pictures of my clay which i took before in my old blog.. those clays which … Baca selengkapnya About Clay


Actually..i don't want talk about politics..coz i'm not the expert..i hate politics.. i on… Baca selengkapnya Politics


I've always dreaming that i have perfect love stories in my life.. now where my stories wil… Baca selengkapnya Poetry

Moving in

Just from moving in my old blog : chibicutey.blogspot.com and now that blog was owned by someon… Baca selengkapnya Moving in


Whew so slowww...for several days i try to connect the internet with my mobile..and the result is t… Baca selengkapnya Stuckk...

Unique life

This theme i posting first time in english..may be my english is bad..but i must try..life is har… Baca selengkapnya Unique life